For the sixteenth year in a row, North Korea is the worlds worst persecutor of Christians according to the annual World Watch List report distributed and compiled by Open Doors. Yet, American organizations such as CNN and the NYTimes are actively praising the sister of the most murderous regime leader on the planet. In addition, according to Open Doors, there are several drivers of persecution throughout the world, number one being the spread of radical Islam.

The world over there are over 215 million Christians living in persecution, and until 2017 according to another organization that studies Christian persecution,, the United States was among the top 12 worst Christian Persecution Nations. However, in 2017, the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, an Evangelical Christian, announced that the United States would no longer rely on the United Nations to aid the afflicted Christians across the world, as the UN was failing Christians across the world. READ MORE