A woman who suffered a near-death experience claims to have undergone an “information download” which she believes is proof of God.  The lady, who goes by the name of only Heather, was in the hospital for an operation when there was a problem with the anesthesia drip line which caused her heart to stop for a total of two minutes and 45 seconds. This caused her to temporarily die and in the moments she was dead, she claims to have gained proof of God. Writing on the Near Death Experience Research

Foundation (NDERF), Heather says: “I was flying about eight feet over my body. I was watching the scene below as the nurse scrambled through the cabinet looking for something. “I thought I was in a dream state until I looked at the EKG and it was all flatlining with the alarms were going off.”  At this point, Heather says that she knew she was dying and tried to “dive back” into her body, but was instead sucked into a dark tunnel where says she found proof of God.  READ MORE