The US Government is keeping “crystal-clear” images of “real UFOs” chased by military pilots from public view it was sensationally claimed today.  Nick Pope, a former investigator of the UFO phenomenon for the British MoD, was reacting to claims made by experts that recent “UFO” footage released by the US Government was probably just a plane. Yesterday, revealed that in a radio podcast of the Big Picture Science Skeptic Check, produced at the Search for Extraterrestrial

Intelligence (SETI) Institute, a panel of experts looked at the shocking radar video footage and the consensus was the object shown was just infrared heat from plane engines misidentified by US Navy pilots. The US-based SETI Institute is a collective of scientists looking for evidence of alien life in the cosmos. However, Mr Pope argued the footage should not be dismissed by SETI so readily. He said: “I saw the SETI Institute’s sceptical comments about the Pentagon UFO videos and thought I’d chip in, as I think they’ve misunderstood or failed to take account of something fairly important about this. READ MORE