Jesus Christ is often depicted as a fair-skinned man with blue eyes and long, flowing dark hair. But this could not be further from what he actually looked like, according to a new book. With the Bible referring to him as a Galilean Israelite, many scholars believe he may have resembled a modern-day Middle Eastern man. Yet the actors to play the Son of God on screen include Christian Bale, Liam Neeson and

Willem Dafoe – all Caucasian men with no hint of Middle Eastern features.  Now, historian, Joan Taylor is seeking to set the record straight in her book, What did Jesus look like?, which delves deep into the evolution of his many depictions. She concludes Jesus was probably around 5ft 5in tall with a slight yet muscular physique. While she admits we will never know for certain, Taylor surmises he would have had olive-brown skin, dark hair and brown eyes. READ MORE