Immortality has been the regarded as mythology and science fiction for years but now human beings are close to defying death due to several major scientific breakthroughs which will give humans a plethora of choice on how to live forever by the year 2050, according to a top futurologist. Dr Ian Pearson said human beings are very close to achieving immortality in a number of different ways, but only if you can

make it to the year 2050. Anyone who dies before then could be part of the last generation of humans to die of old age. Dr Pearson said: “By 2050, it will only really be for the rich and famous. “Most people on middle-class incomes and reasonable working-class incomes can probably afford this in the 2060s. So anyone 90 or under by 2060. “If you were born sometime in 1970 onwards, that would make you 48 this year. READ MORE