Did you get a tsunami warning for Palm Beach County this morning? Did you spit up your double latte? Not to worry. It was just a monthly test. But some Twitter followers didn’t get the “test” part.  Including, apparently, AccuWeather, the weather forecasting company. It sent out individual alerts to localities, including Palm Beach County. “It was a test. It says ‘test’ in the headline. It says ‘test’ twice. It even says

it in Spanish,” said Robert Molleda, warning coordination meteorologist for the National Weather Service’s Miami office. Molleda said the transmission, by the Tsunami Warning Center in Alaska, was for the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. He said FEMA also mentioned it in its morning “roll call” of government partners. A closer look on the AccuWeather webpage shows that what most people got on their cellphones was a “push alert” that didn’t mention “test” until after a series of clicks. READ MORE