The next generation of computers is striking fear into security agencies across the world as nations prepare for the biggest dump of information that the world has ever seen.  This is not another whistleblower but the development of Quantum computing. The race is already underway on two fronts, the development of these super-computers on one hand and the development of algorithms to stop these machines on the other. Quantum computers will be able to read everything that has ever and will ever be sent, stored on or connected to the internet, regardless of whether it is encrypted or not.

Everything sent securely over the internet, from emails and bank transactions to nations state secrets will suddenly become readable. Quantum computers are more than just a fast version of what we use today – classical computers. The machines we use now work on a basic unit of information denoted as a ‘1’ or a ‘0’. A Quantum computer uses a qubit – quantum bit – that allows it to solve complex problems much faster as it can hold a combination of ‘1’ and ‘0’ simultaneously. READ MORE