(By Carol Mcleod) One of the attributes that I strongly admire in a person is that of moral excellence or virtue. It challenges me to be a better person when I observe a common man or woman making an uncommon choice that smacks of purity, principle and incorruptibility. There is something inexpressibly valiant when a person chooses virtue over vice, morality over immorality and temperance over imprudence. Choosing to be a person of virtue has never been an easy choice but it has always been the best choice. A pathway of moral excellence will always lead to a significant life. Always.

Oftentimes, endeavoring to live a life of integrity and even modesty can be a lonely choice and one that is mocked by the culture. However, it is a choice that will reap long-term rewards and garner the applause of heaven. Do people even know what “virtue” is anymore or has it been thrown aside with other valuable character components such as honesty, integrity and faithfulness? Do people view moral excellence as outdated as horse and buggies, hand-written thank you notes and gas lanterns? READ MORE