At least 12 people have died on snow- and ice-covered roads across Iowa and Missouri on February 4 and 5, 2018 and more than 80 were injured, at least 7 critically. A major pileup involving as many as 70 vehicles took place on I-35 near Ames, Iowa, while officials in Missouri reported more than 650 road crashes in two days and a massive 100-vehicle pileup on I-44 near Springfield. Another winter storm is brewing over the lower Mississippi Valley today. Multiple collisions took place in Iowa on Monday, February 5, 2018 after a dangerous winter storm covered roads in snow and ice. Reports received early February 6 mention at least 7 deaths and 5 critically injured.


A major pileup involving as many as 70 vehicles took place on Interstate 35 near Ames Monday afternoon, temporarily closing the roadway. The pileup left at least one person dead and 5 critically injured. Officials said it was one of the worst pileups they’ve seen in the area. According to Local5, a man who was involved in the pileup said he was driving along I-35 north near exit 113 when he was smashed into by another car. “It was a chain reaction after that… As soon as I saw there weren’t any more cars, I watched about 20 to 30 cars start piling up.” READ MORE