Christians are facing the threat of murder, rape and torture around the world, with new areas around the world emerging as the next “hotbed” for persecution. North Korea has been named as the worst place to be a Christian in the world, with Kim Jong-un’s hermit state topping Open Doors’ 2018 watchlist.  While the torturous totalitarian regime regularly features at the top of the terrifying list, Open Doors gave a

new stark warning for Christians in South East Asia, which they named the “next emerging perception hotbed”.  North Korea has topped Open Doors’ yearly list of worst states for the 16th year running with Saudi Arabia and Somalia the only two other states to have been ranked first during the 26 years Open Doors has been creating the list. The Open Doors report said: “North Korea remains the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian. Believers are forced to worship in secret – if they are discovered they are taken to labour camps. READ MORE