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This year could be biblical according to Christians because two supermoons may spark the second coming of Jesus Christ. Christians believe the upcoming super blue blood moon which will dazzle the skies tomorrow, January 31, along with the supermoon that kicked off the year on January 1, are signs from God that 2018 will be a ‘biblical’ year, as it also marks the 70th anniversary of the birth of Israel.

Believers in Jesus Christ and God cite Israel as the Holy Land. In March 1948, Israel was declared as an independent nation following the Second World War. Christian conspiracy theorists are now saying the events are lining up in what could prove to be a biblical year. Website Unsealed writes: “If the Great American Eclipse was the darkened sun piece of the puzzle, perhaps this blood moon is the missing piece, which could mean the Day of the LORD begins soon, perhaps even this year. READ MORE