Vehicles that transport people using artificial intelligence are on course to become a frequent sight on our roads.  But if they are thrust into the mass market and prove popular, an expert has warned they will wreak havoc on the global economy. Professor in Computer Engineering, Dr Subhash Kak, believes a third of jobs will be lost soon after their introduction. It comes after his bombshell prediction, given to this website, that AI will “sink the world into unemployed despair” in a hellish “dystopia”, because humans will be put out of work.

And now he has revealed self-driving vehicles are going to accelerate that process at a terrifying speed. Asked how close we are to humans being replaced in the workplace, Dr Kak exclusively told Daily Star Online: “I think we are nearly there. “For example, it has been estimated that one-third of the people in any advanced economy are engaged in transportation. “Their jobs will be gone as soon as self-driving cars are widely adopted. READ MORE