(By Mike Shreve) For several years, I have received emails from a prophetic resource website that is very popular with charismatics. Usually, two articles a day from that website drop in my inbox. A few days ago (around the beginning of January), one particular article shocked me. The title of the article is “Christ Is All Things.” Though the author does not use far eastern or New Age terminology, he promotes the doctrine of either pantheism (the material universe is an emanation of God / God is all and all is God) or its subtler modification, pantheism (everything contains a spark of divinity / God is in all and all is in God). He claims that this is something Paul upholds in his writings, basing his idea on the CEB (Common English Bible) version of Colossians 3:11, “Christ is all things and in all people.”

The author proposes that the traditional evangelical view of the “born again” experience is wrong (the idea that Jesus comes to live within a person’s heart when He is invited to be Lord and Savior). Instead, he falsely asserts, “Everyone has Christ in them. This would include Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus atheists, and everyone else. No one is separated from Christ at birth. At birth, everyone is born with Christ within them.” He also maintains, “Because creation has been made through Christ, Christ is in all creation, and the whole creation emanates with and reflects Christ. This includes humanity as well.” CONTINUE