The government of Botswana has shut down the church of a Malawian self-professed prophet, who is followed by millions and claims to walk on air, amid concerns over “miracle money.”  Malawi24 reported on Wednesday that Pastor Shepherd Bushiri, who was declared persona non grata in Botswana last year, has seen his Enlightened Christian Gathering church shut down. Edwin Batshu, a minister in the government of Botswana,

explained that the church has been closed because of continued violations connected to fake money, also known as “miracle money,” which is deemed illegal. As Face2Face Africa explains, the term “refers to the unexplained appearance of money into bank accounts, handbags and pockets of people ‘blessed’ by the ‘men of God.'” Batshu has said that no ECG branch will be allowed to operate in the country, though church officials have appealed to the minister against the decision. READ MORE