Many citizens are resigning themselves to dry dams and a complete shutdown of their taps in Cape Town, South Africa. But, as we’ve seen in the Northern Cape, it may not be time to rule out a miracle just yet. Over the weekend, the city of Sutherland heavy rainfalls and biblical hailstorms battered the town with some places receiving between 100 – 150cm of rain in 48 hours. These unprecedented storms were enough to collectively fill some dams in the Northern Cape to the point of overflowing and create icebergs in the resulting flash floods.

The miracle “River of hail” has to be seen to be believed: The NC territory is experiencing an unprecedented drought just like its neighbor to the south. Rainfall between September to December has been almost non-existent for the last three years in NC. Sutherland was one town in the province that had been hit badly by the lesser-known water crisis. So imagine their relief when, dams that were reportedly almost empty, were saved by the mother of all freak weather patterns. READ MORE