Around a month before a meteor exploded over Michigan, an evangelical pastor predicted that it was coming. “I had a dream that a meteor was coming to the Great Lakes, and it was gonna hit Michigan,” Pastor Rick Satterfield of the I Am Church said in a video from December 31, 2017. “It would cause Ohio and Canada to feel the impact of it.” On Tuesday, Satterfield’s prediction came true when lights flashed and a loud crash shook local buildings as a meteor tumbled to earth.

People reported seeing the meteor in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, and in Ontario. Satterfield later told local media that the meteor was a sign of positive things to come in the region. “It’s a great day—it’s a great time, it’s not gloom and doom. It’s a jubilee day,” he said, promising that the meteor was a harbinger of mental, physical and economic rejuvenation that would begin in Michigan and spread across the world. READ MORE