Nick Vujicic, known around the globe as the “limbless evangelist,” is on a tireless quest to spread the gospel.  And, over the years, he has openly discussed the rare disorder he suffers from — tetra-amelia syndrome, a disorder that caused him to be born without any limbs. Vujicic, who has established himself as a successful inspirational speaker, evangelist and author, appeared in a Facebook Live on Friday, during which he made some fascinating claims surrounding why he believes God is real.

He comments came as he was responding to someone who asked, “How can we know God’s love is real, and how do you know it?” Vujicic answered by appealing to his own spiritual experiences. “I can’t show you God, I can’t show you an angel, but one of the reasons why I’m not an atheist, and one of the reasons why I don’t believe science explains everything, is because I have seen miracles, and I’ve seen demons,” Vujicic said. READ MORE