Facebook temporarily shut down the page “Warriors for Christ.” Why? The official corporate line is that the page violated the social media giant’s community standards. But the Christ fighters have a few other thoughts — namely, that Facebook is simply showing its pro-LGBT, anti-Christian bias. This, from the page administrator, Nellchy Kentley, in a letter to Pamela Geller: “On 29th December 2017, Facebook shut down our page because of our biblical stance on marriage.

Facebook has been after our page for many years and often censored our posts simply because they contained truth articles on statistics, Bible verses and memes that exposed the hypocrisy of the left.” Following a petition drive, and pressure from the public — including the page’s 225,000 or so followers — Facebook reinstated the page. But what’s up with a prayer page that makes it so hated by Facebook censors? FULL STORY