Japan has been rocked by an earthquake as the Pacific Ring of Fire remains on alert following a geologically chaotic week for the region. The earthquake registered 5.1 magnitudes at struck at a depth of 37 miles off the east coast of Honshu. The Japan earthquake struck 46 miles from the town of Miyako, which is home to more than 50,000 people. Morioka-shi, home to nearly 300,000 people, is 73 miles from the epicenter.

It comes after a week of chaos in the region, with a volcanic eruption sparking a fatal avalanche in Japan earlier this week. The Pacific Ring of Fire is the most geologically active area in the world with more than 90 percent of earthquakes occurring here, as well as 22 or the 25 biggest volcanic eruptions in history. The volatility on the Pacific Ring of Fire this week has increased fears for the Big One: a major earthquake in a highly-populated area on the US west coast or in Japan. READ MORE


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