The flu has hit so hard and heavy this year, some doctors are running out of supplies. “I have heard from private practices that they are running short on the rapid flu tests,” says Allegheny General Hospital Emergency Medicine physician Dr. Tom Campbell. “I think they could make some decision on who it was most important to get the test on, who was most at risk, and use the same number they might have left.” Restocking these 10-minute tests isn’t so easy. “We went to purchase more because of the use we’ve had

this year, and they’re not available,” says Dr. James DeAngelo, of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Associates. Other places are in good shape. “I think a lot of it is proactive. Our supply chain folks have done a really good job of managing it, monitoring it, and try to keep our orders coming in on time,” says Dave Kish, RN of the St. Clair Hospital Emergency Department. The test involves swabbing the back of the nose or throat to check for influenza DNA. READ MORE