A young couple who were once encouraged by doctors to abort their little baby girl due to her “fatal” heart condition has returned to the same hospital with their bouncing, healthy child. Back when their unborn daughter, Amnesty, was developing in the womb, married couple Dusty and Krystal Marshall were told she required urgent surgery to repair her spine. But, when they made it to the medical center for the operation, they were further informed that their baby girl did not qualify for the surgery on

account of a heart defect that she had developed. “Because she had a heart issue, spinal bifida and a clubbed foot, it was possible that she had a chromosomal defect. That really brought up the concern for maybe having an abortion,” Krystal explained in a new video. But the couple decided to reject the medical advice, accept the risks, grab hold of their faith and choose life for their baby. They were so impressed by the staff at Children’s Hospital Colorado that they chose to move their entire family out there to go ahead with the pregnancy. READ MORE