Chinese officials reportedly demolished a Christian church on Tuesday, detonating bombs to bring down the house of worship.  ChinaAid, an organization that monitors Christian persecution, reported that the Golden Lampstand Church in Linfen, China, is “serially persecuted” and noted that the unregistered church was privately paid for by its members for just over $2.6 million. The organization is speculating that the order to destroy the church came from China’s top officials,

seeing as military police have been under the government’s command since last year. Officials placed bombs beneath the structure to bring it down. And it’s not the first time that the Golden Lampstand Church has attracted negative attention from the government, as ChinaAid reported that some of its leaders have been jailed for up to seven years for simply serving at the house of worship. Radio Free Asia reported that witnesses said church members had tried to halt the demolition but to no avail — READ MORE