(By Dave Williams) When you think of fasting, do you picture someone on a hunger strike to protest some global injustice?Or do you picture someone who is vibrant, alive, with a new light in their eyes and a bounce in their step? That’s really what fasting should produce. It’s a biblical practice that has not one, not two but three amazing benefits that happen to us all at once. What is fasting? Simply put, it’s abstaining from something, usually food, for a certain period of time.

The word “fast” in Hebrew means “to put your hand over your mouth.” In Greek, it means “to abstain from something, normally food.” The amazing thing about fasting is that it affects all three parts of our being. Paul said that each individual is made up of three parts: spirit, mind and body. We are each a little trinity, a reflection of God. Most of the things we do in life affect only one or two parts of our being: READ MORE