Despite President Donald Trump’s landmark declaration last week that the US would move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the actual move is unlikely to happen for at least three years, said US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday. “It’s not going to be anything that happens right away. Probably no earlier than three years out, and that’s pretty ambitious,” cautioned Tillerson in a speech at the State Department, the New York Times reported.He was echoing comments he made on Friday after

talks in Paris with the French Foreign Minister, when he said the move was “not something that is going  to happen this year or probably not next year.” However, he reassured concerned parties that Trump seeks to make the move “in a very concrete” way. “The president does want us to move in a very concrete, very steadfast way to ensure the embassy is located in Jerusalem when we’re able to do so, at the earliest possible time,” he said in Paris. READ MORE