It is not every day you see the biggest fast food chain in the world boldly declaring the name of Jesus. One Tennessee McDonald’s refused use their window-displayed nativity scene to shift more Big Mac’s – instead choosing to honor the true “reason for the season.” The Spring Hill branch flanked their massive nativity scene with signs that read “Rejoice” and “His Name is Jesus.” Christian blogger Amy Klutinoty spotted the sign as she was driving past.

Amy founded “Your Path His Plan,” a ministry seeking to encourage others in their walk with the Lord. As she explains on her website:  “God has truly done a quick work in me, and I am humbled and walk in complete reverence to the calling He has placed upon my life. I know what God saved me from, and because I have been forgiven much, I love much. The entire purpose of my ministry is to reach a hurt, desolate, and hopeless world so I can share the Gospel, love, and POWER of Jesus Christ through boldness and Truth! READ MORE