Spain has been hit by three earthquakes in two popular tourist destinations within just hours of each other.  The tremors struck Andalusia – two in the province of Malaga and one in the province of Córdoba. According to Spain’s National Geographic Institute (IGN), the strongest of the three earthquakes was felt at 5.17am in Baena, Córdoba, with a magnitude of 3.8. Shortly after, at 5.48 am, a second earthquake struck the town of Benalmadena in Malaga, with a magnitude of 3.5. The first earthquake also struck Malaga, in the town of Archidona, at 2.57am, but was the mildest with a magnitude of just 1.8.

According to officials, the Baena earthquake occurred “barely three kilometres from where another earthquake took place last year and with a similar magnitude”. The quake was reportedly felt by residents but emergency services officials say they did not receive any calls. Córdoba mayor, Felisa Cañete confirmed there had been no injuries or damages, saying the tremor was felt “but only for a moment and very mildly”. READ MORE