A mob of Hindu extremists violently attacked two pastors and stopped them from hosting a gospel meeting in Chhattisgarh state, India. The pastors, Vijay Jogi and Santosh Rao, were just minutes away from starting their three-day gospel meeting when Hindu nationalists surrounded the building. Some 1,000 people had reportedly gathered to hear the gospel. “Pastor Vijay Jogi and Pastor Santosh Rao were receiving the people at the entrance,” Pastor Amos James toldĀ Morning Star News. “Suddenly a mob of

70 Hindu Dharm Sena and Bajrang Dal activists encircled the entrance, and Pastor Jogi and Pastor Rao were beaten and summoned to the police station.” “The activists slapped Pastor Santosh Rao thrice and beat us both,” Pastor Jogi said. “By then we understood that these people will not let us conduct prayers.” The Government Railway Police called the pastors to the station and warned them to cancel the meeting. READ MORE