On May 14, 1948, Zionist pioneer David Ben-Gurion delivered Israel’s Declaration of Independence and declared the establishment of a Jewish state. Jews and evangelical Christians around the world rejoiced. But while crowds danced in the streets, the esteemed Ben-Gurion stayed in his office. There, he pored over maps showing the array of Arab forces poised to imminently attack the Jews. That night, Israel’s founding father wrote in his diary: “I feel like a mourner at a wedding.” Ben-Gurion’s words describe well my reaction to President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. I believe President Trump did the right thing under difficult circumstances. I am not, however, giddily happy about it. At least not yet.

Admittedly, my judgment is clouded by my perspective as a Jewish, dual American-Israeli citizen, Zionist, Bible believer, attorney, author-commentator on Israeli affairs, resident of Jerusalem and dedicated intercessor who loves the Lord. As such, I’ve learned that realities pertaining to Israel are highly nuanced and complex. Therefore, I am strongly urging believers to consider some of the less discussed implications of Trump’s announcement for the critical purposes of prayer. Like Ben-Gurion, I see a battle map, but in the Spirit. And like our Zionist forbear, I believe God will be with us in the fight. READ MORE