Buried somewhere between the latest Washington sex scandals and stern-faced journalists asking about Russian “collusion” in last year’s election is the very real possibility that the U.S. could be heading toward war with a nuclear-armed North Korea. It’s the war nobody seems to want to talk about, let alone fight. But there may not be any viable options to avoid getting into a real live shooting war with North Korea and its brassy, baby-faced dictator. With each new ballistic test, Kim Jong-Un seems to gain a level of credibility to back up his seemingly insane threats against a world superpower no longer headed not by the appeasement-driven Barack Obama but a far more unpredictable Donald Trump. On Nov. 28

the communist state successfully tested a long-range missile launch that could reach any point within the continental United States, including Washington, D.C. Japan announced it will be upgrading its missile defense systems in 2018 to compensate for North Korea’s improved missile technology. Nikkei Asian Review reported that many analysts believe Japan’s current system could have trouble dealing with high-powered missiles launched at a more lofted trajectory, a method that sacrifices range for height and a speedy descent. READ MORE