A huge 6.0 magnitude earthquake has struck near a heavily populated city, hours after it was hit by two quakes earlier today, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).  The quake hit the outskirts of Kerman in Iran with a depth of 10km at around 9.40pm GMT and was followed by a 5.0 magnitude aftershock. No reports have emerged about casualties or damage so far. At 11.27pm GMT the region was

struck by another quake, measuring magnitude 4.5, according to the USGS. Earlier this month the region was rocked by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake, which hit at 2.32am GMT, was initially recorded at a magnitude of 6.3 but was later downgraded to 6.0. The aftershock measuring in at a 5.0 magnitude struck around 15 minutes later, according to the USGS. READ MORE