Lester Sumrall went home to be with the Lord in 1996, but his legacy continues—and his God-breathed prophetic words are still alive.  In a 1987 video capture, Sumrall, whose spiritual father was Smith Wigglesworth, shares seven prophetic insights God revealed to his heart earlier in his walk with the Lord. I wish they weren’t accurate, but it seems he heard rightly. You can watch the video to see all the warnings. I’m going to focus on just one of them. “I said, ‘God, I don’t understand this at all.’ He said,

‘You’re going to see it and here are seven things to watch.’ And God gave me seven things to observe. Number one was, America will depart from its historic faith. Now at that time, the Supreme Court hadn’t done any of those strange things, such as permission to kill unborn babies and giving such rights to homosexuals. See, none of that happened.” None of those things had happened when the Lord first spoke to Sumrall but many things have happened since. The man of God received these revelations before Roe v. Wade, before the Supreme Court decision to sanction homosexual marriages and before the growing persecution of Christians in America. READ MORE