Hip-hop artist Lecrae recently made an appearance on the controversial Bad Christian podcast where he opened up about the disappointment he felt and the backlash he received for condemning white evangelicals.  On the podcast, the Reach Record founder said he was alienated for taking a stand on social and political issues. The interview delves into Lecrae’s past comments about the Church and white evangelicals. “I was forced to [speak abrasively to white evangelicals] because no one would listen to me

when I was trying to be reasonable,” the 38-year-old said. “They unfollowed me, they blocked me, they stopped buying my projects. They told me I was being divisive and to shut my mouth,” the rapper revealed to Bad Christian.  In 2015, Lecrae’s Anomaly surprised the world with its recording-breaking first-week sales of 88,000 units sold, not including streaming. But he saw a dramatic difference this year, as his album, All Things Work Together, fell short in comparison.  READ MORE