KCNA has branded the US and South Korea as “foolish” and said the latest staged attack on their regime could “lead to a nuclear war at any moment.”  The Kim Jong-un mouthpiece said: “More than 230 fighters…including the ultramodern stealth fighters F-22 Raptor, F-35A, F-35B…and over tens of thousands of troops including 12 000 US troops are to be involved in the drill.  “Such drill is a dangerous provocation as it is driving the tension on the Korean peninsula to the brink of a nuclear war. It is an

open, all-out provocation against the DPRK, which may lead to a nuclear war any moment. “The US and the south Korean puppet forces are so foolish as to run amok with such stealth fighters. The stealth fighters which the enemies boast so much of will not escape the fate of a tiger moth.” Their response comes after fighter jets arrived in South Korea for a joint air drill between Seoul and Washington in a show of force against Kim Jong-un’s North Korea. READ MORE