A man was technically dead on Christmas Eve after being involved in a car crash but was brought back to life by paramedics says he had a close encounter with Jesus.  The person, who goes by the name Paul O, claims to have enjoyed the experience of being deceased and says he was given a message from Jesus. He said he was driving to his father’s grave to place flowers with his wife and her sister in 1971 when disaster struck. Mr O says lost control of the car, swerved on the other side of the road where a piece of

wood came loose from another vehicle and headed straight towards him. He said: “I saw coming towards the windscreen a plank of wood. It was moving very slowly, end on to my line of sight. “As I realised I was about to be killed, a sensation as of a swirling vortex began that enveloped my whole body, which then concentrated in my head and I exited my body through the top of my head. I literally flew out of the top of my head.  READ MORE