Atheists have reportedly set their sights on a Connecticut lawmaker, taking aim at his decision to volunteer as a Salvation Army bellringer and claiming that his actions violate the separation of church and state.  State Sen. George Logan, a Republican, recently found himself drawing the ire of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a Wisconsin-based atheist activist group, over his decision to volunteer as a bellringer outside of a Walmart in Naugatuck, Connecticut. Why, you ask? The Salvation Army is a Christian organization and,

thus, the FFRF took issue, writing a letter to Logan that encouraged him to “consider supporting only secular charities in the future,” The Connecticut Post reported.  According to the activist group, Logan should do this so that he can “ensure that representatives do not give the appearance of promoting an overtly Christian mission.” Additionally, the atheist group said that such an action would “prevent citizens from feeling ostracized by their elected representatives because of their religious beliefs or sexual preference.” READ MORE