Archaeologists have uncovered “mind-blowing” architecture almost perfectly intact from the ancient Biblical city of Corinth – despite being wiped out by a devastating earthquake 1,400 years ago.  The Greek city, which was rebuilt in 44BC by Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, holds major significance for Christians. Jesus’s disciple Paul is said to have visited there and wrote two letters about his time in Corinth – featured in the New Testament. Just days ago, another group of archaeologists in Italy were

amazed to discover the historic resort of Baiae in perfect condition. And new underwater excavations of Corinth’s harbor at the port of Lechaion have discovered wooden foundations preserved so well that they look new. Roman artifacts including fishing lines and hooks, wooden pulleys and ceramics from Tunisia and Turkey were also found. Experts also think they have found an ancient lighthouse – depicted on coins from that time – and another monument. READ MORE