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A massive emergency drill preparing for a “very bad day” that could kill 90% of all US citizens is due to run this week. The White House is preparing for the threat of disastrous blackouts across the US.  Department of Defence (DoD) officials are readying the “communications interoperability” drill from November 4 to 6 across more than 3,000 US counties. Military commanders will practice for a situation

when the whole nation is plunged into chaos by a mass failure of the power grid. Officially the drill is a response to threat from solar storms – and had been dubbed a “very bad day” scenario. But the exercise comes amid growing tensions North Korea could launch an attack on the US with an EMP. Experts have warned such an attack could kill up to 90% of Americans, around 300 million, within a year – shutting down the power grid “indefinitely”. FULL REPORT