(By Jennifer Leclaire) The nudist movement has been preaching social nudity for ages and has made headway in beaches, campsites, and pools. Now, nudists are invading local restaurants. Paris just opened its first-ever naked restaurant. Named O’nature. The restaurant is publicly open to the publicly nude. The rule is to drop your clothes at the door before you’re seated in one of the 40 chairs. This news didn’t surprise me, but what did was my subsequent research on Christian nudists. Yes, they exist. In fact, there is a Christian nudist movement called Naturist Christians.

I won’t link to the website due to its graphic nature. “When seeking to educate and promote our values, we have found that sometimes seeing examples means more than anything else. Here we present photos of people living their lives naturally, without clothes, without shame, and as God created it,” the site reads. Christian nudists theologies are another perversion of God’s Word. God may have created man naked, but He Himself created clothes of animal skin for mankind after the fall (Gen. 3). READ MORE