U.K.’s leading organization for girls and young women has announced that transgender members who are born male but identify as females will be allowed to use the same shower facilities and stay in the same tents as girls, in a bid to be more inclusive.  Girlguiding U.K., which leads thousands of girls on adventures, camping trips and other  activities, announced in new guidelines posted on its website last week that “young trans members should be able to share accommodation with other young members if they wish.”   “Some people may not feel comfortable sharing accommodation so in this case an alternative option should be provided.

This should be done discreetly, in conversation with the young person and, if appropriate, their parent or carer,” it clarifies.  When it comes to using facilities, such as toilets, the rules say that members are “entitled to use the facilities of the gender that they self-identify as.”  A Guides spokeswoman confirmed to The Mail on Sunday that trans members can use the showers, toilets and changing rooms of their gender identity, but revealed that parents would not be automatically notified if their daughter is sharing facilities with a trans youth. READ MORE