Thousands of Balinese residents fled Mount Agung this week as the Bali volcano threatens to erupt on the Ring of Fire island.  Residents caught in Mount Agung’s danger zone have been fleeing in their thousands to the safer regions of the tourist hotspot.  Hastily built refugee shelters sprung up in the shadow of the volcano today, with mother and children seeking refuge. Yesterday health and safety volunteers were seen tirelessly handing out ash masks in case Bali’s tallest volcano erupts for the first time in 50 years.

Mount Agung reared its ugly head this week on Tuesday, when it spewed a thick plume of smoke over the island.  , casting a shadow of doubt on Bali’s future. Joachim Gottsmann, professor of volcanology at Bristol University, told “From what I have seen in video coverage yesterday is that a white plume was visible. “This indicates that the eruption was likely not magmatic. Many eruptions at volcanoes such as Agung start with what is called phreatic activity. READ MORE