(Reported By The Christian Institute) Everyone should be welcomed into churches, but no sinful behavior should be affirmed, a prominent Christian blogger has said. Trevin Wax, writing for The Gospel Coalition, reminds Christians that we are all born sinful, rather than basically good, and that we all “fall short of the glory of God.” He said that some Christians believe it would be better to downplay human sinfulness to avoid causing unnecessary offense but said this “severs the root of what makes grace so powerful.”

‘Expressive Individualism’

Wax wrote: “In a culture that thrives on self-affirmation and self-determination, ‘showing grace’ now means accepting someone else’s definition of their own righteousness. “Our age of expressive individualism leads us to find meaning in the identities we’ve constructed for ourselves, and then to expect (no, demand!) that others affirm our self-construction and give us their blessing.” He said this new concept is often applied to sexuality, with churches judged on their ability to be ‘welcoming and affirming’. Wax notes that this tends to mean: “Do you welcome LGBTQ people and affirm their sexuality?”. MORE