Stunned scientists have found a species of shark which has been in existence since the age of the dinosaurs.  Researchers from Portugal’s Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere found a rare frilled shark off the coast of the Algarve. The prehistoric beast has been swimming the seas for up to 80 million years judging by remains which have previously been found. This means the species has lived during the Cretaceous period.

Experts have dubbed it a “living fossil”. Other beasts that lived during the Cretaceous period include the Tyrannosaurus Rex, velociraptors, and the baryonyx – a relative of the T-Rex.  Captured measuring 1.5 meters in length, the frilled shark was found at a depth of 700 meters. Researchers were in the area working on a project for the European Union to “minimise unwanted catches in commercial fishing”, they told Sic Noticias TV.  READ MORE