A prominent psychiatrist with decades of exorcism experience has shared details behind the “creepiest” case of demon possession he witnessed, in which a woman displayed unnatural strength and levitated from her bed. Dr. Richard Gallagher, a board-certified psychiatrist who teaches at Columbia University and New York Medical College, said in an article published Tuesday in the National Catholic Register that in his 25 years as a consultant for a network of exorcists in America, the case of a woman named

“Julia” remains the most disturbing. Gallagher said that most reports of possession turn out not to be the case of actual demonic work, and that out of thousands of consultations he has done, he found that only about 100 were actual possessions. Thirty-nine-year-old Julia, however, referred to herself as “the high priestess of a satanic cult,” and dressed in dark flowing clothing and black eyeshadow. CONTINUE