A large chunk of ice fell through a roof of a house in Chino, San Bernardino County, California around 20:30 local time on November 4, 2017. A similar incident happened in 2006, just 3.2 km (2 miles) away. Brandon Blanchard, the owner of the damaged home, said he was hanging out with his friends in a garage when his wife came out and said there had been “an explosion or something.” The owners searched the house and found a hole in the ceiling of their upstairs bathroom and several large chunks of

ice in the bathtub. Blanchard said he filled an incident report with the Chino Police Department, adding that the FAA is investigating the incident as the house is in a flight path for Los Angeles International Airport. “The FAA has not yet concluded whether the ice came from an airliner,” FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said. “The ice was clear, not blue, meaning that it could have formed on the outside of an airliner from a leak in its galley. Blue ice would have come from an airliner’s lavatory,” he said. MORE