When Sr. Jean found out that I and a bunch of my grade school classmates had played with a Ouija Board, she flipped her cork, figuratively speaking. Her eyes flew open wide and her eyebrows shot up – a look of alarm sprang across her face. “You have no idea what you’ve done,” she said. “You must never do that again, and you must tell your friends never to do it again, either.” I thought Sr. Jean was over-reacting. “What’s so bad about Ouija Boards?” I asked. “It’s just a silly game.”

Sr. Jean explained to me that Ouija Boards are much more than a silly game – they’re a grave danger to the souls of anyone who messes with them. “You’re not calling upon the souls of departed relatives,” she said. “You’re opening yourselves to evil spirits. “ I trusted Sr. Jean’s wisdom and knew she wasn’t the superstitious type. If she said Ouija Boards can conjure up evil spirits, I believed her. That was the end of Ouija Boards for me. MORE