The inquest into the mysterious death of a British conspiracy theorist who died after vomiting two litres of black blood has been delayed again.  Max Spiers’ body was discovered while he was on a trip to Poland for a conference.  The 39-year-old died suddenly on the sofa in the home of science fiction writer, Monika Duval, in July last year. Father-of-two Max died after vomiting the black fluid, but Polish

officials ruled he died from natural causes, even though a post-mortem was not carried out. His inquest opened in December 2016 and was due to resume this Thursday in Maidstone, Kent.  But it has now been adjourned once more, with no explanation for the delay and little prospect of it now happening this year. Max had become world-famous in the shadowy world of conspiracy theories and allegedly made many “enemies” in his investigations. MORE