An Iranian college student who now lives in California has revealed how a vision of Jesus led her to embrace the Christian faith — a stunning moment that she said transformed her entire life.  Nikki Tayebian said that her life took an “unexpected turn” while she was vacationing in her hometown of Tehran, Iran, back in 2016. Tayebian, who had been living in California since age 7, faced emotional struggles at the time and was even considering suicide. “I lay in bed in a cold room inside my family’s house.

I was alone, on purpose,” she wrote in a piece for The College Fix. “The isolation was my sole comfort as panic and anxiety gripped me, as self-loathing and angst got the better of me.” She recalled having the blinds shut and feeling immense pain. Then, something absolutely life-changing unfolded. “I closed my eyes for a moment and it was then saw an image. My eyelids flew open, and I questioned if I just saw something real,” Tayebian wrote. “I quickly closed them back up, and a smile slowly spread across my face.” READ MORE