The Black Death plague has killed more than 120 people in eastern Africa and health experts are warning the disease could spread worldwide. But where is the plague now and could it reach the West? The deadly disease is currently contained on the African island of Madagascar, though the World Heath Organisation (WHO) has warned it could soon spread to other nations. The WHO has released a list of nine at-risk nations, highlighting where the plague is likely to invade next. The countries include South

Africa, Kenya and British tourist hotspots Mauritius and Seychelles. Reported plague cases have dipped in recent days, but the WHO is preparing for another wave of the disease. The WHO tweeted: “The daily number of plague cases reported in Madagascar has been declining as of 12 October. “Most recent confirmed case: 20 October. Even if the recent declining trend is confirmed, we can’t rule out the possibility of further plague spikes in Madagascar between now and April 2018.” READ MORE