Another study has come out recently that is only confirming what the Word of God has already revealed to us, and that is that it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment, – Hebrews 9:27

Aging and cancer are two harsh but inescapable realities of life as a multicellular organism and while humanity can strive to treat one or the other, eventual death is mathematically guaranteed, according to a new study. A pair of researchers from the University of Arizona have developed the first general model of the interaction between intercellular competition, aging and the onset and development of cancer in humans. The model asserts that aging is a fundamental and inescapable feature of multicellular life as

we know it. “Aging is mathematically inevitable – like, seriously inevitable. There’s logically, theoretically, mathematically no way out,” said Joanna Masel, co-author of the study and professor of evolutionary biology at the University, as cited by Masel and her colleague, postdoctoral researcher Paul Nelson, published their findings in a study entitled, “Intercellular Competition and Inevitability of Multicellular Aging,” which features in the latest edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. READ MORE