What are likely to be Solomon’s gates, as described in the Bible, have been uncovered at the Biblical Tamar Park in southern Israel. Paul Lagno, Bible student and participant in a five-day dig at the Biblical Tamar Park, said that the discovery gives evidence to the Biblical account of Judean control over Tamar. “The Bible says that Solomon built a fortress in the desert. The archeologists are sure that they have found all the hallmarks of the gate of Solomon – all the hallmarks of the fortified city. They believe this

was a fortress built by Solomon,” Lagno told Breaking Israel News. “The archeological evidence is consistent with 1 Kings 9:19, where it says Solomon built Tamar in the wilderness,” he explained. “In addition, the pagan altars destroyed by King Josiah as described in 1 Kings 13:3 were also found, right outside of the gates.” The altar broke apart and its ashes were spilled—the very portent that the man of Hashem had announced at Hashem’s command. I Kings 13:3.  READ MORE